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  Getting New Business Ideas: Considering


    • Getting New Business Ideas: Considering
      strengths and weaknesses, getting and assessing ideas, and next
    • Devising Business Plan Strategies:
      Success and failure, existing strategies and future SWOTs, strategic
      combinations and statements, and next steps.
    • Developing a Strategic Business Plan: Key
      steps, hindsight plus cause & effect, SWOTs and planning
    • How to Write a Business Plan: Importance
      of strategy, preparatory work, planning to plan, outline of a
      business plan, and tips when writing.
    • Insights into a Business Plan:
      Scope of survey, overview of findings, lessons learnt, and detailed
      results and conclusions.
    • Preparing Financial Projections:
      Financial modeling with a computer, how models work, planning
      to plan, and tips & traps.
    • Making Cashflow Forecasts: Importance
      of cash, cash flow vs. profit, calculating cash flows, planning
      and the pitfalls, and improving cash flow.
    • Managing Working Capital:
      Working capital cycle, sources of cash, receivables, payables & inventory,
      and the key ratios.
    • Raising Finance: guidance on compiling the financial/funding
      sections of a business plan for raising finance from venture
      capitalists, business angels and/or banks

See also:

  • Financial Projection
    : Excel-based
    templates for comprehensive, multi-year financial projections
    for business plans, raising finance and strategic planning. Includes
    150-page Word-based template and guide for writing a plan.
  • Cash Flow Forecast Software:
    Excel templates for full-integrated 12-month projections for
    planning and managing cash flows. Includes initial 12-week forecasts
    and roll-forward facility.


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