Ten Tips for Business Cards | Small Business

Some people underestimate the business card as a marketing tool. While most small businesses have them, few maximize their potential in networking and promotion. Business cards do more than provide contact information. They establish credibility and professionalism, and help build referrals. For the cost and ease of distribution, business cards offer a lot of marketing bang for the buck.

Design for Ease of Use

Business cards come in many sizes, shapes and colors. You can printed them on both sides, horizontally or vertically. But before you get carried away with an usual sized, multi-sided card, don’t forget its purpose: to make it easy for people to contact you. Your information needs to be legible and easily located on the card. Tag lines, slogans, photos and other bells and whistles are fine, as long as your prospect can find your contact information.

Provide Value on the Card

Use the backside of

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How to Design Business Cards in OpenOffice | Small Business

You can use OpenOffice to design business cards that are minimalist in design. The cards feature your name and some information about you or your business. There are a few designs available to users that have just downloaded OpenOffice, but you can find templates online that offer a wider range of color and art.

Open OpenOffice and click on “File” followed by “New.”

Select “Business Card” and then define the specifications that you want. Click “Sheet” to print on your laser printer.

Choose the brand of card that you will print on. By default, Avery A4 is enabled, which is a popular size. You can check the packaging that your business card paper came in to see the size.

Check your package for the type of paper used and select that from the drop-down for “Type.”

Click the “Business Cards” tab and then select the design that you want to

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Information on Business Cards | Small Business

Business cards are the basic marketing tool for an entrepreneur or working professional. They provide the basic information about a person and her company, and if they include a logo, a business card is a potential client’s first contact with the company brand. Because these little pieces of cardstock are so critical to business success, it pays to do them right.


A business logo–the heart of a company’s brand identity–should be prominently displayed on the card. Resist the urge to make the logo very large: It should be big enough to be seen, but let the white space around it call attention to the logo. Avoid using a template business card design that clashes with the logo; colors and fonts should be harmonious across the entire card.

Contact Information

Every card should contain the essential contact information: Company name, personal name, title, department, phone and fax numbers, mailing address

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Best Small Business Credit Cards of 2020

If you operate a small business, whether it’s part-time or full-time, you may benefit from opening a business credit card. Most issuers have pretty lenient qualification requirements for what’s considered a “business owner” and will likely accept your application whether you freelance, sell items online or run a growing company with employees.

The most basic perk of a business credit card is the ability to keep personal and professional expenses separate, which makes things much easier come tax time. Plus, many business cards allow you to open free employee cards, which is a great way to streamline spending and eliminate the hassle of reimbursing employees for business charges made on personal cards.

Business credit cards come in all shapes and sizes, with cards offering rewards, interest-free financing on new purchases, luxurious travel perks, extended warranties, insurance and more. In order to qualify for a business card, you typically need excellent

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Digital Business Cards Slowly Spreading in Japan amid Virus Crisis


Tokyo, Sept. 5 (Jiji Press)–Businesses helping members of society exchange business cards through digital technology are starting to spread in Japan, in response to the novel coronavirus crisis.

With corporate sales activities shifting to video conferences, services offered by such companies allow people to hold meetings and negotiate business deals online after exchanging greetings with potential business clients, no matter where they are.

The paperless business cards, however, are relatively unknown and businesses still need to improve the cards’ user-friendliness, to help establish a new lifestyle of limiting interpersonal contact.

Teleconferencing systems have been in wider use among sales representatives and other workers at companies, as more and more people are working from home.

In June, Sansan Inc. <4443>, a major business card management service company, started a new service for corporations in which people send a URL link of their digital business

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AmEx embeds Pay Over Time on business cards

To help our customers meet their cash flow management needs, American Express is embedding Pay Over Time in our family of Green, Gold and Platinum Business Cards at the start of their November billing cycle.

This will apply to both new and existing Card Members.

“While American Express is known for our no pre-set spending limit, pay-in-full charge card model with our iconic Green, Gold and Platinum Cards, we’ve long heard from our Card Members who are small business owners that increased payment flexibility is important to them. This is especially critical during these times of uncertainty,” said Brett Sussman, Vice President of Global Commercial Card Lending at American Express. “Pay Over Time is another step in our broader strategy to provide business owners the flexible solutions they need to easily and efficiently manage payments and cash flow, through varying operating environments.”

Pay Over Time gives business owners

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Drug-dealer spotted by undercover cop pulling heroin stash from his trousers in Stoke-on-Trent park – and even had his own business cards

Drug addict Jamie Butcher has been jailed after a police officer caught him dealing at a Stoke-on-Trent park.

The 44-year-old was spotted by a plain clothes officer at Northwood Park approaching a man and woman before pulling out a purple plastic tub from the front of his trousers.

But the officer intercepted the deal and Butcher was taken to custody on November 22.

Now Butcher, of Chell Street, Hanley, has been jailed for 44 months after admitting two counts of possessing class A drugs with intent to supply.

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard the purple tub was found to contain heroin and crack cocaine. He also had 10 business cards with his name and telephone number on that he handed out to his customers.

Prosecutor Nicholas Berry said: “The police officer was on plain clothes foot patrol at 3.20pm in Northwood Park.

“His attention was drawn to a male and female

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BUMP’D Launches a remarkable new environmental friendly alternative to contemporary business cards – Press Release

“Paper business cards are a 15th century innovation and 27 million of them are printed daily. However, 88% of paper cards are thrown within a week. Only 8% are saved in an address book.”

August 26, 2020 – BUMP’D has proudly announced that it is revolutionizing the concept of contact information sharing by integrating new technologies into the very concept of visiting cards. The virtual business card created by BUMP’D is a unique blend of innovation and technology, and it is a remarkable environment friendly idea that will bring a silent revolution in the corporate world. The most amazing feature of BUMP’D is that it is compatible with smartphones and the designing options are endless to offer customized experience to each customer.

“Paper business cards are a 15th century innovation and 27 million of them are printed every day.” Said the spokesperson of BUMP’D, while talking about the idea of

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Small Business Credit Cards Present a Unique Revenue Approach for Card Issuers

The small business market in the United States is vast, yet a lot of these businesses struggle to access the financial services they need. In response to cash flow issues and other financial challenges, small business owners are forced to make decisions that directly, negatively impact not only the businesses themselves, but the owners’ personal financial situations.

Many of these challenges could be fixed with improved access to small business credit cards. However, card issuers are understandably hesitant to approve card applications from potentially risky merchants. Even so, the small business card market presents unique revenue opportunities for issuers—and these opportunities should not be ignored.

To dig deeper into how organizations can run a successful small business issuance program and a risk-free way to do just that, Mercator Advisory Group and Aliaswire teamed up to host a webinar: Small Business Card Opportunities: A Unique Revenue Approach. The presenters were

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The Art Of Blinky Business Cards

Business cards are stuck somewhere between antiquity and convenience. On one hand, we have very convenient paperless solutions for contact swapping including Bluetooth, NFC, and just saying, “Hey, put your number into my phone, please.” On the other hand, holding something from another person is a more personal and memorable exchange. I would liken this to the difference between an eBook and a paperback. One is supremely convenient while the other is tactile. There’s a reason business cards have survived longer than the Rolodex.

Protocols and culture surrounding the exchange of cards are meant to make yourself memorable and a card which is easy to associate with you can work long after you’ve given your card away. This may seem moot if you are assigned cards when you start a new job, but personal business cards are invaluable for meeting people outside of work and you are the one to

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