Ten Tips for Gathering Business Cards | Small Business

The art of gathering business cards starts long before asking for a card and ends well after receiving one. Getting good business leads and cards at networking occasions, meetings or through other channels requires planning before an event, working with contacts at the event, and following up on a targeted, individual basis.

Prepare Beforehand

Before an event, get information about the meeting’s topic and speaker. Writing for the University of Washington Foster School of Business’ Technology Management MBA Talk website, 2009 MBA graduate Kalpesh Shah advised, not knowing “is not the best way of creating a positive image about yourself.” In his article “Learn From My Mistakes,” Shah says carry this information gathering further. Learn what you can about who is attending and who you want to talk to, with specific starter topics.

Bring Cards

Make sure you carry enough of your cards. This seems simple. One goal of getting

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How to Have the Best Business Cards to Attract Customers | Small Business

Your business card often gives prospective clients their first glimpse of your company. A well-designed card can reflect your professionalism and make a positive impression, while an inferior one might cause potential customers to turn you away. Look at your cards through your customers’ eyes and assess how well the cards represent you in the competitive race for new business.

Clearly Informative

In your quest for a stylish, attractive business card, don’t let aesthetics crowd out practical details such as your full and current contact information. The more connection methods you provide, the greater the likelihood that prospects can find you through the communications channels they find easiest to use. For example, you can add a QR code that links to your website, social media details and, if your business requires that customers provide you with digital assets, include your online file-upload address. Rather than crowd the front of your

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Types of Paper for Business Cards | Small Business

Business cards are an easy and direct way to introduce your business while providing contact information, and often they are the first impression of a business that a potential client receives. A business card should convey a sense of quality and professionalism as well as attention to detail. It all starts with the choice of paper stock a business chooses for the card.

Card Stock

The correct term when discussing paper types for business cards is “card stock,” although some printing companies will use the term “cover stock.” Card stock carries a paper weight range of 80 pounds to 110 pounds. They are sturdier forms of paper and better withstand excessive handling, which is important for business cards. A higher paper weight results in a more rigid card, while lower paper weights result in flimsier cards. Typically, a heavier weight costs more. The type of card stock (matte, glossy, photo,

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How to Create Virtual Email Business Cards | Small Business

Virtual business cards, or VCards, are otherwise standard business cards that reside on the Internet rather than on paper. Create and distribute these cards via email and recipients are not as likely to lose them as they are the paper counterparts. Virtual business cards are also usually click-able so that clicking on the card takes the recipient to the card generator’s business website or social networking page. Some applications available for PC and smart phone automatically download the information from the virtual card and format it for storage in “Contacts” section of phone and email programs. Most email programs come with the built-in ability to create virtual business cards.

Open the primary email program and navigate to the address book function. In Microsoft Outlook, for example, select “Tools,” then “Address Book.” In Microsoft Outlook, for example, select “Tools,” then “Address Book.”

Select “New Contact” and enter the user information as

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Google launches virtual business cards exclusively in India, gives users more online visibility

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New Delhi: Tech giant and global search engine Google Tuesday released a new feature that allows users in India to create virtual business cards. Called ‘People Cards‘, these are designed to help users build an online presence and also discover others.

Launched only in India, it is not likely to be expanded for the time being. The feature is available on mobile phones and can be accessed in English.

🆕 Introducing the people card on Google Search.

Showcase your business, passion or portfolio when people search for you on Google.

Get started ➡️

— Google India (@GoogleIndia) August 11, 2020

The card can be created in a simple three-step process.

First, users will have to login to their Google accounts on their phones and search for their names on Google search. They can also tap on the ‘add me to search’ option that

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Google rolls out virtual business cards in India – what does it mean?

Over the past few months, Google has reinforced its India strategy, first with their investments in Jio Mart and commitments to India-focused initiatives. Then came the news of Pixel 4a arriving in the country some time in October. Now, Google has topped it off by making available its new Search feature that allows users to get discovered online more easily. 

The Search feature would allow entrepreneurs, journalists, freelancers and influencers, medical doctors or other categories of users to create their personalized identity that would make them easily discoverable. Google says the feature called people cards, would be its first attempt in India and was a result of the affinity that people in the world’s second largest internet market showed towards looking up their own names on Google Search. 

google people card in india

(Image credit: Google)

Beware LinkedIn

Currently available only in English language, it might only be a matter of time before Google creates

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How to Make Business Cards With Adobe Photoshop Elements | Small Business

Give new meaning to the term “glad-handing” when you make your own custom business cards with Adobe Photoshop Elements. This graphic software package lets you create personalized business cards for your staff, whether you have one employee or 100. The benefit of using Elements is that once you’ve gone through the quick card setup steps, you can re-access the template at any time and swap out details for other staffers, keeping your branding and style exactly the same every time.

Open Elements, click the “File” menu and select “New.” Type a name for the business card file in the window that opens, if desired. Type “3.5” in the Width box and choose “inches” from the drop-down menu. Type “2” in the Height box and choose “inches” from the drop-down menu. Click the “OK” button to open the blank card template.

Click the “File” menu again and select “Open.” Browse to

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How to Make Business Cards Using Microsoft Publisher | Small Business

Whether you need to replenish your stock of business cards in an hour, not a week, you need look no further than Microsoft Publisher to easily make quality business cards. Use Publisher’s templates to ensure you’ll get the measurements and positioning correct and that you’ll always have a saved version to reprint or adjust for new employees.

Launch Microsoft Publisher and click the “Business Cards” button in the Most Popular section of the Available Templates screen.

Scroll to the Blank Sizes section and double-click the “North American Size 3.5 x 2” button. Note that a single card appears in the Publisher work window, not a template with 10 cards, so you won’t have to duplicate your efforts. You’ll be able to see the card layout at a later step.

Click the “Insert” tab and then click the “Picture” button. Browse to your corporate logo and double-click the name of the

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How to Make Your Own Business Cards on Photoshop | Small Business

Business cards are a key advertising tool for just about any type of business. Whether you operate online or offline you can get the word out about your company by handing out crisp, professional cards. Adobe Photoshop is just one graphic design program that you can use to create your own business cards.

Load Adobe Photoshop and click “CTRL+N” to start a new file. A dialog box loads. Set the size to 3.75 inches tall by 5.25 inches wide. This size is the common business card size of 3 by 5 inches, plus extra space around the edges in case the printer needs to cut a bit off the sides–this is also called a bleed. Select CMYK from the “Mode” box and set the file resolution to 300 dots per inch or higher.

Click the “Type” tool on your Photoshop toolbar. Click inside of the open document to type in

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How to Compile Business Cards | Small Business

Your business card is an inexpensive but potentially powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. After making the effort to reach out to clients, what impression do you wish to convey? What information do you want to leave in their hands to remember you by? How do you want them to follow up after the initial meeting? Addressing these questions as you build your card will result in a well-designed business card that will continually market you and your company.

Choose a Design

The design of your business card should be appropriate to your business. If you are in a traditionally conservative industry, such as law or banking, stick with conservative themes in your design. Use muted colors, include your company logo and stay with traditional fonts. If you are in a more creative industry, such as entertainment or fashion, branch out in your design choices. Brighter colors are acceptable in

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