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Personal Digital Archiving | Digital Preservation

Examples of personal digital content to be preserved


How to Preserve Your Own Digital Materials

NDIIPP publication: “Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving” (2013)

This publication contains a series of blog posts, compiled from The Signal, on
the subject of personal digital archiving. Specifically, the topics include guidance for
such things as choosing file formats and adding descriptions to digital photos; first hand accounts of working with and preserving personal collections; descriptions of outreach activities and interviews with library professionals on the subject of personal digital archiving, and many others.

Link to the full publication (PDF).

Personal Digital Archiving Day Kit

The Library of Congress has held Personal Digital Archiving Day events to provide this basic guidance to individuals about preserving personal and family memories in digital form. You can read about those events here and here and here.

Are you interested in hosting your own personal digital archiving event? Take a look at our Personal

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