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Fully Customised SMG Tactical Achievement in Hitman: Blood Money

Basically purchase all the upgrades for the SMG throughout the game. In order to get all the achievements, you will need to unlock all four tiers of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop (convenient, you’ll also earn some achievements that way). The tiers will be unlocked throughout normal gameplay. once the SMG is fully upgraded, play through a level and the achievement will unlock.

SMG Unlockables…:

Butt Stock – $50,000
Low Velocity Ammo – $50,000
Extra Ammo – $75,000
Rail Mount – $75,000
Magnum Ammo – $75,000
Rapid Fire – $100,000
Short Barrel – $100,000
Silencer Type 1 – $100,000
Laser Sight – $150,000
Double Clip – $150,000
Silencer Type 2 – $200,000
Red Dot Sight – $200,000

Total – $1,325,000

Quick side note – there is an extremely easy way to earn this and the other upgrade achievements pretty quickly. Once you have a decent amount of money (at the

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