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The 12 Best Songs About Money. EVER.

The Best Songs About Money

When I awoke this morning, like a flash of lightening, I thought, “how about writing a post that combines two of everyone’s favorite things – money, and music.” <pats self on back>

I know I’m a jerk for leaving a few of your faves off the list, but one of my criteria was that I had to actually like the song at least a little bit. Don’t agree with the list? Let me know what I missed in the comments.

best songs about money

Here’s the 12 best songs about money. EVER. Rank ordered from #12 to #1, with selected lyrics. And if you’re reading this via RSS or email, there are some YouTube videos embedded. The links in some of the titles lead to Amazon if you’d like to download the .mp3 and hear what you’ve missed (or get nostalgic on what you already know). Drumroll…

12. Taxman

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