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Businesses Are Struggling To Use Paycheck Protection Program Money : NPR

Congress just passed an additional $321 billion worth of spending for the Paycheck Protection Program. But even when some small businesses receive the aid money, they’re not sure how to use it.


Saving jobs is at the heart of Congress’ coronavirus small-business rescue program. But as NPR’s Danielle Kurtzleben reports, even when some businesses receive the money, they’re not sure how to use it.

DANIELLE KURTZLEBEN, BYLINE: The Paycheck Protection Program sounds simple – give small businesses money to keep people on payroll. But Adam Markowitz says it hasn’t been simple at all.

ADAM MARKOWITZ: It’s a mess – just the calculation of who counts for payroll, what counts for payroll.

KURTZLEBEN: Markowitz works at a Florida accounting firm and spoke to NPR via Skype. He rattled off a list of how what payroll means has changed since the program was created.

MARKOWITZ: There was a

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