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money talks

A phrase emphasizing the persuasive power of money. If you want us to help you out, here’s some advice—money talks.

Money talks.

Fig. Money gives one power and influence to help get things done or get one’s own way. Don’t worry. I have a way of getting things done. Money talks. I can’t compete against rich old Mrs. Jones. She’ll get her way because money talks.

money talks

Wealth has great influence, as in Big contributors to campaigns are generally rewarded with important posts-in politics money talks . The idea behind this idiom was stated by Euripides in the fifth century b.c., and some 2,000 years later Erasmus spoke of “the talking power of money” ( Adagia, 1532). The precise current locution, however, only began to be used about 1900.

money talks

COMMON If you say that money talks, you mean that

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