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TeachMeFinance.com teaches you basic
finance concepts.

  • Time
    Value of Money

    Present Value, Future Value
  • Annuities – The Present
    Value of an Annuity
  • Perpetuities – The Present
    Value of a Perpetuity
  • Kinds of Interest Rates – Nominal Rate,
    Periodic Rate, Effective Annual Rate (EAR)
  • Future Value of an Uneven Cash flow
  • Probability Distribution – Expected Rate
    of Return (ERR)
  • Standard
  • CAPM – Beta
  • Security
    Market Line
  • Bond
    – Par Value, Coupon Payments, Indenture,
    Present Value of a Bond
  • Refinance Rates – A refinance refers to the process of paying off an existing loan.
  • Home Equity Loans – A loan based on the amount of equity a homeowner has in the property.
  • Stock
    – Preferred Stock, Common Stock, The
    Constant Growth Formula
  • Cost
    of Capital
    – Cost of Retained Earnings, Cost of
    Common Stock, Cost of Preferred Stock, Cost of

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