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Flattening the curve: Finance and the pandemic of gender-based violence

With the world staying home due to COVID-19, we see a rise in gender-based violence (GBV), including domestic violence. Recently, the UN reported that Lebanon and Malaysia, for example, have seen the number of calls to helplines double since this time last year; in China they have tripled, and in Australia, search engines are seeing the highest number of searches for domestic violence help in the past five years.

As the global pandemic of violence against women and girls is addressed with the combined efforts of many organizations and individuals – recognizing specifically the many women’s networks on the frontlines – it is also important to focus on the opportunities COVID-19 presents for economic and financial systems to build solutions and mitigate violence as active partners.

Finance is one of the most powerful systems on earth, and investment decisions about private and public funds are based on an analysis of

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