What you need to know about credit card travel insurance

There are no guarantees when you travel, but having travel insurance can help you be

There are no guarantees when you travel, but having travel insurance can help you be prepared should something unexpected happen. Before you take out a travel insurance policy, however, it’s worth noting that some credit cards offer included or complimentary international travel insurance as one of their perks.

To make sure you’re covered for everything you’ll need when travelling, it’s important to have a good understanding of how included international travel insurance works. Ask yourself these questions to help choose the right credit card that will offer you the right coverage.

Is your credit card eligible?

Not all credit cards offer included or complimentary travel insurance. If you’re looking at taking out a credit card, and international travel insurance is important to you, keep this front of mind when deciding on your card. If you already have a credit card, check with your provider whether or not it includes international travel insurance.

Some CommBank credit cards have included international travel insurance as standard, you simply need to activate your insurance in NetBank or the CommBank app before you travel to receive comprehensive cover.

Is it the right type of coverage for you?

Every insurer offers different level of coverage for different things. Just as you would when looking to take out any other insurance policy, check what you would – and would not – be covered for with the credit card’s included international travel insurance. Key things worth knowing include:

  • Who is covered?
  • What are the cover limits?
  • What are the excesses?
  • Are there any exclusions?
  • Are you covered for any pre-existing medical conditions?

If there are some specifics you want to be covered for – to cover emergency rescue caused by extreme weather conditions during a skiing trip, for example – with the international travel insurance available with some CommBank credit cards you can add them in for a cost and effectively top up your insurance policy.

Does the included international travel insurance need to be activated?

Every policy is different, but it’s likely you’ll need to activate the travel insurance on your credit card before you travel.

With CommBank, you can easily activate your credit card’s included international travel insurance in NetBank or through the CommBank app^. We’ll then provide you with a unique policy number and Certificate of Insurance and comprehensive coverage – including for cancellation fees and lost deposits.

CommBank emergency details

  • Lock, Block, Limit your CommBank credit card or lock your Travel Money Card for added security
  • Cancel and order replacement CommBank cards in NetBank or the CommBank app
  • Call us 24/7 on +61 2 9999 3283 to report lost or stolen CommBank cards

For 24 hour travel insurance emergency assistance, call Cover-More in Australia direct and toll free on +61 2 8907 5641. You can also call from:

  • Canada on 1844 345 1662
  • New Zealand on 0800 632 031
  • UK on 0808 234 3737
  • USA on 1844 345 1662

Charges apply if calling from a pay phone or a mobile phone.

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