Day: September 1, 2020

Should you embrace Google’s new business card replacement?

Business cards were already overdue for obsolescence when the pandemic hit. Now, we’re not even shaking hands. Exchanging physical business cards is definitely out for now.

Google is testing an online business card replacement called People Cards. The idea is for professionals to create a profile for Google Search. Instead of exchanging physical paper business cards, you can just say: “Google me,” and they’ll find your “business card” right there in the search results.

People Cards is similar to “knowledge panel”-like info boxes currently used by celebrities and businesses.

People Cards is being tested now only in India and only in the English language.

People Cards contains a photo, name, job title, general location, hometown, a bio, educational experience, website and icons that link to social media accounts.

Why Google is the right company to do this

The world needs a universal online replacement for business cards. Of course, lots

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Wealth inequality ‘concerning’ to business leaders: Edward Jones exec

added over half a trillion dollars in wealth amid the coronavirus outbreak while tens of millions of workers have lost their jobs, exacerbating inequality that had already reached heightened levels before the pandemic.” data-reactid=”16″Billionaires in the U.S. have added over half a trillion dollars in wealth amid the coronavirus outbreak while tens of millions of workers have lost their jobs, exacerbating inequality that had already reached heightened levels before the pandemic.

In a recent interview, Edward Jones Managing Partner Penny Pennington called on business leaders to help solve income inequality, saying the struggles of low-income Americans threaten the consumer base and workforce on which companies rely.

Edward Jones, which serves seven million clients in the U.S. and Canada with a combined $1.3 trillion in assets.” data-reactid=”22″“Leadership and business leadership needs to be thinking about the wealth gap in our economy,” says Pennington, who leads the financial

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10 On Your Side Investigation: While displaced workers wait for benefits, hundreds of millions lost in unemployment fraud

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – A hundred million dollars here, a hundred million dollars there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money. It’s an old joke, but it’s no laughing matter when it involves criminals stealing from the Virginia unemployment system.

For thousands in Hampton Roads who’ve lost their jobs to the pandemic, it’s been a painful pattern of filing for unemployment, waiting, wondering and then waiting some more.

Meanwhile, others are getting paid by getting over on the system. Unemployment fraud takes money away from workers and jacks up costs for employers.

In many cases it involves a double-crime of stealing someone’s identity and stealing from the state government.

A man we will call “Robert” tried to file for unemployment on June 30. “And (Virginia Employment Commission) said my information was already being used. They put a freeze on

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Celebrity chef Tunde Wey wants to charge white people $100 for salt

  • Chef and writer Tunde Wey is selling white people $100 salt through his new venture, A Lot of Salt.
  • Wey is known for charging white people higher prices for food to draw attention to systemic racial inequalities.
  • “White folks set the terms of what value is, they extract value from Black and brown folks, and leave them with a f—ed up paradigm,” Wey told Business Insider.
  • Wey said that his goal is to sell a million boxes of salt and redistribute those profits to Black people around the world.
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How much are white people willing to pay for reparations?

That’s the question celebrity chef, writer, and provocateur Tunde Wey asks with his new venture launched August 14, A Lot of Salt, which sells premium salt to white people for $100 a box.

“Now, you’re prolly thinking: “$100 for salt? that is outrageous!” Lot’s

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Morrison Rothman LLP Announces Adam Gertz as Its Head of Esports

Classified in: Science and technology, Sports and recreation
Subject: PER

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Morrison Rothman LLP, a leading legal firm specializing in entertainment, YouTube, intellectual property, video games, esports, technology, and privacy law, today announced Adam Gertz, Senior Counsel at Morrison Rothman, will take on the new role of Head of Esports within the firm.

Morrison Rothman has become the go-to law firm for esports players, streamers, and influencers, having advised hundreds over the past several years. Its distinguished legal team handles trademark and IP portfolios and has been crucial in advising on the complicated corporate restructurings and major investments for a vast number of brands and companies within the esports space. The firm has played a major role in giving esports players and talent a voice within the industry, ensuring they know their rights when signing any agreements. For the past year, Gertz

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