Day: September 6, 2020

Don’t Buy NZX Limited (NZSE:NZX) For Its Next Dividend Without Doing These Checks

It looks like NZX Limited (NZSE:NZX) is about to go ex-dividend in the next four days. If you purchase the stock on or after the 3rd of September, you won’t be eligible to receive this dividend, when it is paid on the 18th of September.

NZX’s next dividend payment will be NZ$0.035 per share, and in the last 12 months, the company paid a total of NZ$0.061 per share. Looking at the last 12 months of distributions, NZX has a trailing yield of approximately 3.7% on its current stock price of NZ$1.64. Dividends are an important source of income to many shareholders, but the health of the business is crucial to maintaining those dividends. So we need to investigate whether NZX can afford its dividend, and if the dividend could grow.

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Dividends are typically paid from company earnings. If a company pays more

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First-Time Car Owner? Five Types of Insurance Fraud to Watch Out For

Owning a car, purchased with your own money, is right up there with investing in a home or starting a business for some people. However, if you are a first-time car owner, you should exercise caution and consult widely on how to go about it before committing to such a purchase. A second-hand purchase, unlike a new one that needs no fixing, can worry you a bit with some detailing work but your main concern should be handling the taxes, ownership change, and more importantly, car insurance.

If you’re looking to buy car insurance, EverQuote should be your starting point for affordable car insurance quotes. All you need is your zip code and to fill in a form and you will have a chance to do car insurance comparison from the comfort of your home or office instead of booking appointments with insurance agents across town.

EverQuote then simply matches

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I Need Money During COVID-19. Should I Cash Out a CD Early?

The cash you have in a CD could be a lifeline right now — despite the drawbacks of withdrawing it early.

Many Americans are struggling financially during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re in need of money, the first place to go is emergency savings. But what if you’ve already depleted your regular savings account, and have some money in a certificate of deposit? Should you cash out your CD during this crisis?

The downside of cashing out a CD

The potential problem with putting money into a CD is that if you cash out early, you’ll be penalized.

There’s no preset penalty for cashing out a CD: The penalty you pay depends on your bank and the term of your CD. But for a one-year CD, you can expect to lose about three months’ worth of interest by cashing out before the end of the term.

Clearly, losing that interest

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