Day: September 8, 2020

Brex integrates with SAP Concur, Xero to serve maturing customer base

  • Brex, the corporate card for startups, is integrating with expense-management giant SAP Concur and accounting software Xero as it aims to grow alongside its customers who are maturing out of the startup segment and looking for enterprise-grade solutions.
  • For Brex, it’s also a step toward competing with Amex over larger customers.
  • Amex also has a corporate card for startups that it launched in October last year. And fellow fintechs Divvy and Ramp are also competing with Brex in the startup space.
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Brex, the corporate card for startups, is taking another step on its journey to unseat incumbents like American Express through new partnerships with established expense-management platforms.

SAP Concur, the business management and software giant owned by SAP, and accounting software Xero have both partnered with Brex to allow the startup to integrate into their platforms.

SAP Concur’s products are used by businesses

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Idaho Man Sentenced for ‘Crash And Buy’ Insurance Fraud

Riley Presher, of Twin Falls, Idaho, was sentenced on Monday for insurance fraud in violation of Idaho Code 41-293.

Presher on Dec. 15, 2017, purchased insurance and filed a claim for an accident he stated occurred that same day. When the investigations division with the Idaho Department of Insurance was asked to look into this claim and Presher was interviewed, he reportedly admitted to DOI Investigators he did not have insurance on the day the accident happened on Dec. 14, 2017 when he backed his truck into his friend’s vehicle.

On Aug. 31, 2018, Presher admitted to misrepresenting the collision date and time to Sentry Insurance in the hopes to offset the cost from the damage he caused to his friend’s vehicle. Presher pleaded guilty to insurance fraud in May.

“Insurance fraud costs the average American family between $400 and $700 every year in the form of increased insurance premiums,”

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This founder helps moms become millionaires. Here’s how she does it.

  • Cayla Craft was working as an ER nurse when she realized she didn’t have time to truly help her patients. She started a business that would achieve that goal.
  • Mommy Millionaire is a coaching and lifestyle company that helps women start or grow businesses so they can be financially independent.
  • She teaches her clients to find their passions, monetize them, and stay original in a crowded entrepreneurial field.
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When Cayla Craft meets with her business coaching clients, she typically starts by asking what they’re passionate about and who they want to serve. 

The goal of her company, called Mommy Millionaire, is to help women and mothers create or scale businesses that excite them. In the two years since launching the company, Craft has perfected her formula for success. 

Craft launched Mommy Millionaire after working for six years as an ER nurse. She wanted

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