Day: September 15, 2020

How to Design Business Cards in OpenOffice | Small Business

You can use OpenOffice to design business cards that are minimalist in design. The cards feature your name and some information about you or your business. There are a few designs available to users that have just downloaded OpenOffice, but you can find templates online that offer a wider range of color and art.

Open OpenOffice and click on “File” followed by “New.”

Select “Business Card” and then define the specifications that you want. Click “Sheet” to print on your laser printer.

Choose the brand of card that you will print on. By default, Avery A4 is enabled, which is a popular size. You can check the packaging that your business card paper came in to see the size.

Check your package for the type of paper used and select that from the drop-down for “Type.”

Click the “Business Cards” tab and then select the design that you want to

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Disney’s ‘Mulan’ sparks backlash over ties to Xinjiang, Hong Kong

By Brenda Goh

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Walt Disney Co’s release of “Mulan”, which is set in China and meant to appeal to audiences there, has provoked a backlash on social media over its star’s support of Hong Kong police and for being partly filmed in the Xinjiang region.

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong and internet users in Taiwan and Thailand are among those who promoted hashtags “#BoycottMulan” and “#BanMulan” on Twitter, following this month’s launch of the film on Disney’s streaming platform.

It will also be shown in cinemas in China – an increasingly important market for Hollywood studios – from Sept 11.

Disney’s shares rose 1.7% to $134.20 on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday as investors shrugged off the backlash on hopes that subscribers to the company’s streaming video service in the United States and other markets paid $30 over the weekend to watch the film

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Five ways to help protect yourself from unemployment insurance fraud – Pine Bluff Commercial

(BPT) – Many people around the U.S. are relying on unemployment insurance assistance as the country battles the pandemic and associated economic effects. As unemployment has risen, fraudsters have been targeting consumers to steal unemployment insurance benefits. They do this by taking personally identifiable information (PII) that cybercriminals have posted on the dark web, stolen from unsuspecting consumers or gained from past data breaches.

Once fraudsters have this information, which can include a victim’s name, address, Social Security number and driver license number, they falsely apply to a state’s unemployment insurance program to register for unemployment insurance benefits. These benefits are typically distributed via direct deposit or prepaid debit cards for those without bank accounts. Once a fraudster has access to the stolen funds, they can use a prepaid payment account service and its mobile app to cash out or make purchases — in-store or online — for items like

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Treasury: 70 percent of stimulus payment money sent to dead people has been recovered

Nearly 70 percent of the $1.6 billion in coronavirus stimulus payments that were sent to dead people has been recovered, a Treasury Department official told the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The Treasury official’s comment was included in a GAO report published on Monday about the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

“We were unable to verify that amount by the time we finalized our work on this report,” the GAO said in its report. “We are working with Treasury to determine the number of payments sent to decedents that have been recovered.”

A GAO official told The Hill that the office is still analyzing Treasury’s data.

A $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief package enacted in late March provided for one-time direct payments for most Americans of up to $1,200 per adult and $500 per child. According to the GAO’s report, Treasury and the IRS have disbursed 164 million payments, the vast

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Few details known about Kenosha Officer who shot Jacob Blake

Before he was identified as the police officer captured in a viral video in which he shoots a Black man multiple times in the back, Rusten Sheskey pedaled around the lakeside city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, as part of the bike patrol and walked the shopping mall beat during the holidays.

a person sitting in a car: Officer Rusten Sheskey, on Oct. 6, 2014.

© From Kenosha Police Department/Facebook
Officer Rusten Sheskey, on Oct. 6, 2014.

He’d occasionally bring a squad car home from work and turn on the siren for neighborhood kids, one neighbor recalled. An American flag flies outside his home in a middle-class neighborhood.

But four days after Sheskey’s shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake prompted protests and rioting in the typically quiet streets of Kenosha, much remains unknown about the seven-year veteran officer and what prompted him to open fire.

Authorities have declined to provide information on a number of critical questions in the turbulent days since Blake was shot.

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