Day: September 18, 2020

Ten Tips for Business Cards | Small Business

Some people underestimate the business card as a marketing tool. While most small businesses have them, few maximize their potential in networking and promotion. Business cards do more than provide contact information. They establish credibility and professionalism, and help build referrals. For the cost and ease of distribution, business cards offer a lot of marketing bang for the buck.

Design for Ease of Use

Business cards come in many sizes, shapes and colors. You can printed them on both sides, horizontally or vertically. But before you get carried away with an usual sized, multi-sided card, don’t forget its purpose: to make it easy for people to contact you. Your information needs to be legible and easily located on the card. Tag lines, slogans, photos and other bells and whistles are fine, as long as your prospect can find your contact information.

Provide Value on the Card

Use the backside of

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McMillan Shakespeare’s (ASX:MMS) Shareholders Are Down 49% On Their Shares

Passive investing in an index fund is a good way to ensure your own returns roughly match the overall market. Active investors aim to buy stocks that vastly outperform the market – but in the process, they risk under-performance. For example, the McMillan Shakespeare Limited (ASX:MMS) share price is down 49% in the last year. That contrasts poorly with the market decline of 7.2%. To make matters worse, the returns over three years have also been really disappointing (the share price is 44% lower than three years ago). More recently, the share price has dropped a further 9.4% in a month. This could be related to the recent financial results – you can catch up on the most recent data by reading our company report.

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In his essay The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville Warren Buffett described how share prices do not always rationally reflect

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