Day: September 19, 2020

How to Make Your Own Business Cards Online for Free | Small Business

Small business owners incur many expenses when starting a new company, including but certainly not limited to purchasing software and computers, leasing office or retail space, buying inventory or raw materials, incurring legal registration fees, acquiring a point of sale system and hiring employees. To lessen the costs certain things, like business cards can be done online for a small fee or at no cost.

Decide what type of business cards you would like to print. Choose the type of business card you would prefer, such as one-sided, double-sided, horizontal print, vertical print, flat or mat card stock, and glossy card stock.

Choose a business card template creator. Free online business card template creators include Biz Card Creator, Zazzle and Free Business Cards Creator. Generally, these websites allow you to upload your company’s logo and slogan, along with your business contact information. Some will allow you to print directly from

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Health officials brace for Trump diatribes

For months, Michael Caputo worked vigorously behind the scenes to shape the health department’s pandemic messaging by contradicting career scientists, disputing coronavirus research and prioritizing President Donald Trump’s electoral fortunes.

But within hours of Caputo’s abrupt departure for medical leave on Wednesday, Trump went out and did much the same thing – only in public and from the White House briefing room.

Trump’s rebuke of his own Centers for Disease Control director and insistence on delivering a vaccine faster than the agency believes possible has alarmed officials throughout the government’s public health bureaucracy. And it’s swiftly erased any notion that with Caputo sidelined, the intense political pressure on the department’s Covid-19 efforts would evaporate as well.

Instead, health officials are now bracing for the worst, as the White House hits the home stretch of a re-election push that rests heavily on convincing the public that a viable vaccine is just

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BMW owner boasted on social media of insurance fraud weeks before his car was reported stolen at Antietam Lake, police say | Berks and Beyond

A York County man tried to fake out police and his insurance company by claiming his car was stolen at Antietam Lake, authorities said Thursday.

Daniel L. Slaughter, 25, Felton, boasted of insurance fraud on social media on Feb. 25, then the car was reported stolen on May 10.

Central Berks Regional Police Detective Deron Manndel thought there was something fishy about the stolen car incident and eventually got a search warrant for Slaughter’s cellphone and the evidence he needed to file charges.  

“LOl so my buddy and i figured out what to do with my bmw,” Slaughter wrote on Snapchat on Feb. 25, a screenshot of which was found in the photo gallery of his cellphone, according to the criminal complaint.

The message continued: “Gunna chop it up in pieces, scrap it. Once it’s all gone, going to some hiking trails around here and claiming it stolen. They wont

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Fame has brought me joy, but no money

From 1975 when Tony Akposheri began his acting career, he has remained constant as the northern star in tinsel town. Popularly known as ‘Zakeu (Zaccheus),’ a character he portrayed in the rested comedy sitcom, New Masquerade, Akposheri who somehow has managed to stay off controversies has overtime witnessed the evolution in the film industry. Now in his 60s with immense contribution to the industry, Akposheri is unhappy with the way veterans are treated. He speaks with SAM ANOKAM about his career, COVID-19, and the secret behind his scandal-free life.


HOW are you adjusting to the new normal?        

Just like every other veteran, we are left at home, no palliative, nobody cares how you live but then I just have somebody to say thank you to and that is the president of Ohaneze who invited me and gave me a bag of rice and this Yoruba actress, cant readily remember her

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Retail in the 90s: Big Winners, Big Losers

Retail in the 90s: Big Winners, Big Losers


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Retail in the 90s: Big Winners, Big Losers

The Retail Group

SILO, Clothestime, Barneys and Littler. What do these companies have in common? Give up? Whether it’s poor management, a lack of consumer awareness, increased competition or a variety of other roadblocks, they have all fallen into the Chapter 11 abyss facing far too many retailers today.

Retail 1996 is off to a Darwinian start. It’s the year the stores are “closing their doors” and falling victim to the process of natural selection — only the strong shall survive! How has retail in the 90s gotten to this state and what can be expected in the future? A look at the retail trends of this decade reveals some answers.

The weak retail performance we’ve seen lately is

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