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            New Continuing Education Courses have been added on the Recertification page!   Making a positive difference in the […]







New Continuing Education Courses
have been added on the Recertification page!


Making a positive difference in
the health, wellness, and fitness of people around you is a goal you
can accomplish.  AFTA’s continuing research in the personal
trainer, fitness-related, and nutrition fields gives you up-to-date
certification courses.



The more training and education you
have, the better and more credible you’ll be as a trainer or
instructor.  Continuing education courses and additional
certifications can help you achieve that goal. 


In addition to
single certification courses, AFTA also offers combination courses
and partner programs for discounted purchases. Partner programs are
explained further on each course’s webpage.



AFTA certified personal trainers
can have their fitness articles published on our website so that
your name and article will circulate on the web.





Watch AFTA
Certified Personal Trainer

“Bob Harper”
on NBC’s
“Biggest Loser”






 AFTA respects our customers’ rights to privacy.  AFTA
does not store or retain personal or financial credit card or
electronic check transaction information except for purchase
information (name, address, and email address) required to fulfill
your order and during your certification period.  AFTA does
receive credit card account or bank account numbers.  
We may share information to an applicable party such as PayPal or a
governmental agency for unauthorized transactions, during
investigations of suspected/actual fraud, or should a
customer-initiated dispute arise.  We do
not sell, rent, or trade customer names, mailing addresses, or email
addresses.   If you have questions concerning our privacy
policy, please send those questions to
[email protected]


1 – 866 – 312 – AFTA (2382)

P.O. Box 253   Ripley, TN  38063

[email protected]
OR [email protected]

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