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Blended Finance – OECD       Table of Contents Blended finance is the strategic use of development finance for the mobilisation of additional finance towards sustainable development in developing countries.PublicationsArticlesEvents Blended finance is the strategic use of development […]

Blended Finance – OECD




Blended finance is the strategic use of development finance for the mobilisation of additional finance towards sustainable development in developing countries.

Understanding the indispensable role of Official Development Assistance (ODA) in financing the SDGs, the international community acknowledged the need for significant additional development finance – and accorded a prominent place to private sector participation. The vision underpinning the 2030 Agenda is broad and ambitious, calling for an equally broad and ambitious financing strategy. 


The OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) in February 2016 agreed to develop ‘an inclusive, targeted, results-oriented work programme’ on blended finance :

  • Evidence based: Collate evidence and lessons learned on blended finance with a focus on targeting private finance and the use of blended finance across different regions.

  • Best practices: Develop best practices for deploying blended finance in key economic systems and sectors, such as sustainable infrastructure, and to address specific issues such as climate change.

  • Policy guidance: Deliver policy guidance and principles on the use of blended finance to deliver development impact.

These mechanisms will provide the much needed recommendations to bring together public and private investors for the use and deployment of blended finance to achieve the SDGs.






  • From infrastructure to biodiversity: expanding blended finance beyond its comfort zone, Irene Basile and Simona Santoro (Capital Finance International Summer 2018)
  • Blended finance must deliver for the least developed countries, Haje Schütte (Development Finance, June 2018)
  • 5 insights from OECD’s recent blended finance report, (Convergence, 12 Feb)
  • Blended finance for climate and poverty, Naeeda Crishna Morgado and Jens Sedemund (OECD Observer, Dec 2017)
  • Blending is trending but it’s time for international policy standards, Jorge Moreira da Silva (Development Finance, Dec 2017)
  • Maximising bang for the buck: Risks, returns, and what it really means to use ODA to leverage private funds, Paddy Carter (Development Matters, Nov 2016)





  • The Private Finance for Sustainable Development Week, January 28th-30th





  • Webinar: Blended Finance Principles, 11 December, Presentation
  • Blended finance for climate action: how to mobilise commercial finance at scale, Bonn, 13 November
  • DAC High Level Meeting, Paris, 30-31 October
  • Senior Discussion on Developing Blended Finance Principles, Washington, 21 April 
  • OECD Global Forum on Development – Session 1 : “Financing the SGDs: How to make it happen?”, Paris, 5 April
  • Workshop co-organised by the European Commission, the OECD and the European Development Finance Institutions :FX Risk in Development: Managing Currency Risk through Blended FinanceBrussels, 1 February 



  • Blending4Ag Conference : what can we learn from experiences with blending techniques in agriculture and other sectors, Brussels, 7 November 

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