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PPS Leases law change: The PPS Act has recently changed.

For leases entered into on or after 20 May 2017, the one year period applicable to PPS Leases has become two years.
The changes also affect the time at which a lease for an indefinite term becomes a PPS Lease.
Leases entered into prior to the changes are not affected.  For further details see  PPS Lease change 2017

These resources provide general information—they do not constitute and are not intended to be legal advice. You may wish to seek professional advice from your accountant, financial adviser or lawyer.

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New PPSR Plug ‘n Play presentation

View the new PPSR Plug ‘n Play presentation on YouTube

This is a pre-recorded version of our popular ‘introductory level’ PPSR presentation conducted by our PPSR Stakeholder Engagement Adviser at conferences and seminars nationwide. 

Based on the PPSR business guide the presentation uses plain English and runs for 9 minutes.

The presentation covers the key things that small business needs to know.

PPSR business guide booklet – second edition

PDF iconPPSR business guide: for business and their accountants – second edition

Find out about the business benefits, how to use the register and see case studies―with practical examples of businesses using the register. 

Responsible PPSR registration management booklet

PDF iconResponsible PPSR registration management

Principles for managing PPSR registrations to support data integrity.

PPSR social media kit

Graphics and text to use in social media to promote PPSR used car search.

Package iconPPSR social media kit (with graphics)

Case studies

PDF iconAgriculture: Henri’s barley crop (9/V1)

PDF iconAgriculture: Flo’s cattle feed (10/V1)

PDF iconAgriculture: Lentil farmer Len (8/V3)

PDF iconAutomotive: Treadright wheels (2/V1)

PDF iconAutomotive: Body paint (3/V4)

PDF iconAutomotive: Newaz Repairs (1/V5)

PDF iconCapital raising: Christina’s wholesale-kitchens (14/V1)

PDF iconConstruction: Sceneview (11/V1)

PDF iconConstruction/Leasing – Star Construction (13/V1)

PDF iconIntellectual property: LaPlonk wine bottles (5/V1)

PDF iconIntellectual property: Vegepop ice blocks

PDF iconYellow goods: DownDown’s excavator (4/V4)

PDF iconHire and rental: Heavy Hitter Haulage (7/V1)

PPSR information videos


PDF iconDispute a registration—process guide

PDF iconCollateral Class/Type visual A4 guide

PDF iconPPSR Timing Rules


PDF iconPPSR business advisor brochure – DL size folded, 6 panels

PDF iconPPSR small business brochure – DL size folded, 6 panels

PDF icon PPSR boat check brochure – DL size folded, 6 panels

PDF iconSelling antiques or art? Flyer – DL size double-sided

PDF iconPPSR Car Dealer flyer- DL size folded, 4 panels

PDF iconPPSR Used Car Dealer flyer- DL size folded, 4 panels

PDF iconPPSR buying a used car? Flyer – DL size double-sided

PDF iconPPSR Tradies brochure – A5 sized, 4 panels

PDF iconPPSR Checks brochure – A5 sized, 4 panels

Business days calculator

A number of provisions under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 require the calculation of business days.  Use this tool if you need assistance calculating these periods of time.


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