Life Insurance: Compare Life Insurance Policies

Consumers interested in finding out more about can use Canstar to compare policies and narrow

Consumers interested in finding out more about

can use Canstar to compare policies and narrow their search before seeking quotes from the providers. As premiums for

will vary depending on your personal circumstances and the extent of cover you are after, the most effective way to get an accurate

is often directly through the provider, either through an online quote form or by contacting them.



premium quote you receive will be dependent on a number of factors that can include your age, gender, medical history, occupation and whether or not you smoke. Typically, a quote for a policy for a male will be higher than for a female, and smokers pay more than non-smokers.


There are a number of life insurance options available in Australia, and you may choose to bundle a number of products together, such as total and permanent disability (TPD), trauma or life insurance. If you’re considering taking out more than one product, it could be a good idea to ask the provider for a quote for a bundle to see if there are potential savings on offer.

There are a variety of life insurance products available from a wide range of providers, and so it can help save time to have an understanding of what type of cover you require before you seek quotes. This could include the type of product or products you would like, as well as the financial amount you would like to be covered for. If you are unsure about what cover you may require, it could be a good idea to seek financial advice from a professional before requesting a quote from providers.

The total cost of the premium is not the only factor to take into consideration when comparing policies and quotes for life insurance, as products can vary greatly in terms of the coverage and service offered. Aside from the quote, you may also want to take into consideration any exclusions, the events that are covered, the total amount that would be paid out in the event of a claim, features and benefits (such as counselling or financial advice services) and waiting periods.

Canstar considers the cost as well as features of direct life insurance products when determining the results of its Star Ratings. The results are presented in a 5-Star format, with products receiving a 5-Star Rating representing outstanding value. This can help consumers narrow their search to products that have been assessed and rated before they seek life insurance quotes from providers.

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