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Almost 6 in 10 B2B companies (57%) in the US have reduced their marketing spend as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, according to a McKinsey study of 3,600 B2B decision-makers. But the changes to the B2B model are more significant and potentially… READ MORE OTT subscription service adoption continues […]

Almost 6 in 10 B2B companies (57%) in the US have reduced their marketing spend as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, according to a McKinsey study of 3,600 B2B decision-makers. But the changes to the B2B model are more significant and potentially… READ MORE

More Than 3 in 4 Broadband Households Now Subscribe to An OTT Streaming Service

OTT subscription service adoption continues to increase in the US, with new data from Parks Associates revealing that 76% of broadband households now subscribe to at least one OTT service, up from 72% of households for the same quarter in 2019. Similarly, a… READ MORE

Marketers See Usefulness of Research Tactics, but Lag in Self-Reported Skill Sets

Nine in 10 (91%) marketers consider market research to be beneficial to marketing, but that doesn’t mean all marketers feel that they are good at executing research practices. A recent report [download page] from S2 Research finds that one-third (34%)… READ MORE

US Advertisers Moving More to Top-of-Funnel Objectives on Amazon

Over the past year, US Amazon advertisers have increased their focus on top-of-the-funnel objectives, with the share of Amazon demand-side platform (DSP) spending focused on awareness and consideration inching closer to the share dedicated to the purchase… READ MORE

Brands, Properties Face A Projected $10B Gap In Sponsorship Value

With sporting and entertainment events being cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus, the US sponsorship industry is now looking at an estimated $10 billion gap in value. Brand sponsors and properties are not entirely aligned on the recovery of this… READ MORE

Essential Retailers See Rise in Organic Search Activity in Q1 Amid Overall Decline

Site visits generated by organic search declined by 15% year-over-year in Q1, though Essential Retail sites bucked this trend, according to Merkle’s latest quarterly Digital Marketing Report [download page]. The impact of the coronavirus is clearly… READ MORE

TikTok’s US Adult Users Double Year-Over-Year; Here Are Age and Income Breakdowns

TikTok has already made its way into the heart of teens, with more than 1 in 10 (13%) declaring it their favorite social media platform, behind only Snapchat and Instagram. But what about adults? As it turns out, the number of unique US adults visitors to… READ MORE

Three Points About B2B Sales and Marketing Data Quality

As B2B businesses strive for better overall sale and marketing performance, the value of data quality is becoming more and more apparent. Indeed, a recent report [download page] from Dun & Bradstreet finds that almost three-quarters (73%) of the 500 B2B… READ MORE

Non-Profit Email Volume Declined in 2019, While Response Rates Improved

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Non-Profit Email Volume Declined in 2019, While Response Rates ImprovedFundraising email response rates improved, though email accounted for a smaller share of online revenue than the prior year for the non-profits analyzed.May 5, 2020

Non-profit email volume decreased in 2019 to an average of 50 emails sent per subscriber, according to the latest annual M+R Benchmarks study. This represents a 2.1% decline in email volume year-over-year. Wildlife/Animal Welfare non-profits were the… READ MORE

Mother’s Day Spending to Near $27 Billion This Year, Reach New Peak

Mother’s Day spending is expected to hit a new record of $26.7 billion this year, per the NRF in a new forecast, representing a 7% increase from last year’s $25 billion. A full 86% of US adults plan to celebrate Mother’s Day, which is up from 84% in 2019 and… READ MORE

Data Hub: Coronavirus and Marketing [Updated]

Let’s be clear from the outset: we’re still in the midst of this pandemic, and there are more important things to be concerned about than marketing statistics. But this is a marketing data site, and to the extent that we continue to function… READ MORE

Most E-Commerce Marketers Are Likely Missing Out on Personalization ROI

One-third (34%) of e-commerce marketers in North America claim to use advanced personalization across their entire customer lifecycle, per the latest report [download page] from Kibo. For those in the EMEA region, this figure is just 1 in 5, suggesting that… READ MORE

Which Tools Are Most Prevalent in High-Growth Companies’ MarTech Stack?

CRM technology is the most common tool in the marketing tech stacks of high-growth companies, according to a recently-released report [download page] from TOPO. However, it’s not always the more commonly used tools that provide the highest satisfaction and… READ MORE

Here’s How Consumers Are Using Reviews to Find Trustworthy Product Information

Product reviews are a crucial way for companies to build consumer trust and to help customers make confident purchase decisions. According to recent research [download page] from Bazaarvoice, consumers seeking reliable information about a product trust… READ MORE

CPC Benchmarks by Industry Show Insurance, Online Education Most Expensive

Cost-per-click (CPC) is one of the most commonly used metrics companies use to measure objectives. And, per new data from SEMRush shared with MarketingCharts, the Insurance and Online Education industries have the highest average CPC, with these industries… READ MORE

Advertisers Continued to Gravitate to Instagram in Q1

Early projections show that US media spend on paid social in 2020 is expected to increase by 17% over last year to reach more than $42 billion. And, while the coronavirus may have an effect on overall social media spend this year, Q1 2020 data [download… READ MORE

US Adults Spend More Time Accessing the Internet and Apps on Their Smartphones Than Watching Traditional TV

TV is reaching fewer US adults than before, as more people are spending time with their smartphones and other connected devices. Recent data from Nielsen reveals that in Q3 2019, more US adults used an app or the web on a smartphone (85%) than watched… READ MORE

What Does the Marketing Technologist Role Look Like in 2020?

Once again, Scott Brinker from has published his list of marketing technology solutions, updating the count to 8,000 from last year’s ~7,000. In conjunction with the update, a survey by MarTech Today and shows that marketing… READ MORE

3 Quick Points About Consumer Attitudes to AI

3 Quick Points About Consumer Attitudes to AICustomer service isn’t a deeply appealing area for adults, who generally prefer interacting with humans than chatbots.April 28, 2020

Marketers and advertisers have been exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) can streamline and improve processes such as collecting and analyzing customer data and creating and placing advertisements. But how is the use of AI affecting consumers? A recent… READ MORE

Global Internet Access Continues to Grow, Though Demographic Disparities Remain

Across the globe, almost 6 in 10 (56%) adults have access to the internet. While the percentage of adults with internet access has risen over the past few years, there continues to be a significant gap between those countries with and without widespread… READ MORE

TikTok’s Already the 3rd Favorite Social Platform Among US Teens

When it comes to which social media platforms resonate most with US teens, the battle between Snapchat and Instagram continues. But the latest report on teens from Piper Sandler (formerly Piper Jaffray) shows that a new player – TikTok – has made… READ MORE

8 in 10 Adults Report Paying for At Least One Subscription Service

Subscription services have become big business in the US, with more than 84% of American consumers saying they subscribe to at least one service and more than two-fifths (44%) subscribing to 5 or more services. That’s according to a survey of more than… READ MORE

YouTube Influencer Engagement Rate Benchmarks: What Are Good Rates?

Influencer posts can be very effective when it comes to engagement and influencing purchases. For those who use the power of YouTube, where consumers not only go to learn and be entertained but to also help decide whether or not to buy a product, the… READ MORE

Do Smartphone Users Feel They Have Control Over Their Personal Data?

Although smartphone app downloads have continued to grow globally, there are some smartphone users who have chosen not to purchase or install an app in an effort to remain in control of their personal data. The Mobile Ecosystem Forum’s (MEF) annual report… READ MORE

These Were the “Breakthrough Ads” of Q1 2020

Under normal circumstances, it would not be surprising that the list of top Breakthrough ads of Q1 would be heavy with Super Bowl ads. This year is no different in that respect, but the coronavirus pandemic has brought about some COVID-19 related ads that… READ MORE

More People Are Streaming TV Shows and Movies on Their Smartphones

The number of smartphone household in the US that have unlimited mobile data plans has modestly climbed in the past year. This increased access to unlimited data has quite possibly paved the way to a rise in regular premium video streaming on mobile phones,… READ MORE

Marketers Cite Video As Their Top Thought Leadership Content Format

Marketers Cite Video As Their Top Thought Leadership Content FormatMarketers see benefits in the educational nature of thought leadership content, but find it challenging to produce the right content.April 22, 2020

Thought leadership plays a positive role in reaching and educating target audiences as well as fostering trust and loyalty. With this in mind, half of the more than 250 marketing professionals surveyed for a report [download page] by Ascend2 say they have a… READ MORE

Linear TV Advertising Challenged in An Omnichannel World: 5 Points

Although linear TV still accounts for the largest portion of traditional media spend, marketers are investing less in traditional TV than they once did as digital options proliferate. In fact, a recent report [download page] from Viant Technology reveals… READ MORE

In Which Areas Are Marketers Using Customer Feedback?

In Which Areas Are Marketers Using Customer Feedback?When it comes to customer feedback, many see it as important but fewer do it most of the time.April 21, 2020

When it comes to content, a healthy majority of marketers agree that the content they create impacts their company’s overall customer experience. But they also recognize that it’s important that they should get customer feedback before launching… READ MORE

Around 1 in 5 Adults Ages 18-44 Subscribe to a vMVPD Service

Some 18% of US adults ages 18-44 currently subscribe to a virtual MVPD service such as Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, or AT&T TV NOW, according to recent figures [press release] published by Leichtman Research Group (LRG). This percentage is twice… READ MORE

Finding Budget to Scale Content Is a Key Challenge for Marketing Leaders

Close to half (47%) of marketing leaders say that when it comes to developing impactful and effective content, having the budget to develop high-quality content at scale is among their top-3 challenges, making this the most widely cited obstacle, per a… READ MORE

How Are Retail Marketers Tracking Shifting Customer Behavior?

Only 5% of retail marketers are satisfied with the level of depth and granularity of the customer insight and understanding available across their organization, while 57% say they are only satisfied sometimes and that the depth, quality and consistency of… READ MORE

Ad Viewability Increases Across Formats in H2 2019

Mobile app display viewability rates improved globally in the second half of 2019 with an average viewability rate of 68.7%, an increase of 21.9% year-over-year (y-o-y). This is according to the most recent Integral Ad Science (IAS) media quality report… READ MORE

Cord-Cutting: Pay-TV Providers Lost 5.4% of Their Subscribers in 2019

Cord-Cutting: Pay-TV Providers Lost 5.4% of Their Subscribers in 2019The top broadband providers added close to 2.5 million net subscribers in 2019, while the top pay-TV companies lost almost twice as many.April 16, 2020

The top pay-TV providers in the US — representing about 95% of the market — shed a hefty number of subscribers again this past year, according to recent data from Leichtman Research Group (LRG). In 2019, pay-TV providers lost more than 5% of their subscriber… READ MORE

Roku Is the Dominant Player in CTV Premium Video Ad Views

More people are choosing to watch premium video, with video views in the US rose by 17% year-over-year (y-o-y) in Q4 2019. Along with that, video ad views also increased, growing about one-third (34%) y-o-y in the same quarter, per a recent report from… READ MORE

Strength in Customer Journey Mapping A Distinguishing Factor for B2B CX Leaders

A little more than half (52%) of large B2B organizations in North America and Europe report that delivering excellent customer experience is one of the top business challenges they are currently facing. And, according to a new B2B International study… READ MORE

Which Ad Touchpoints Give the Most Positive Brand Impression?

When it comes to the advertising touchpoints that give consumers the most positive impression of a brand, TV ads rule the roost among paid media. And, a new report from GroupM shows that despite the growing use of influencer marketing, influencers are less… READ MORE

Print Coupon Distribution Dropped Again in 2019

Print Coupon Distribution Dropped Again in 2019At the same time, the number of digital coupons “clipped” increased by nearly 10%.April 14, 2020

Print remains the dominant coupon distribution method despite a decrease in promotion activity in 2019, according to new data [download page] from Kantar. Despite being vastly smaller, the number of digital coupons “clipped” rose again, illustrating the… READ MORE

Majority of Consumers Report Mainly Using CTV Devices to Watch Streaming Video

A strong majority of US consumers have access to a connected TV (CTV) device. And, as the device that’s become the most popular for consumers streaming OTT content, CTV has become ubiquitous to those who choose to bypass traditional television… READ MORE

Content Plays Various Roles in Brands’ Customer Engagement Strategies

A recent report [download page] from the CMO Council and Rock Content reveals that marketing leaders believe interactive brand content is helping to communicate brand promise and value, deliver thought-leadership, and differentiate products and services as… READ MORE

Email Continues to Drive Purchases

Email Continues to Drive PurchasesAround three-quarters of US consumers surveyed claim to have made a purchase from an email.

Despite sometimes being overshadowed by other channels like social media, many marketers still consider email to be one of the most important channels available. And with good reason: as a recent report [download page] from Cheetah Digital and Econsultancy… READ MORE

Spotify Gains Steam in Expanding Online Audio Market

Spotify Gains Steam in Expanding Online Audio MarketNearly half (48%) of young Americans ages 12-34 listen to Spotify on at least a monthly basis.April 10, 2020

Almost 7 in 10 (68%) Americans ages 12+ listen to online audio on a monthly basis. And, while online audio adoption for younger Americans has leveled off, listening by older adults is on the rise, with the Infinite Dial report from Edison Research and Triton… READ MORE

Fewer Consumers Report Window Shopping on Amazon Now Than in 2018

Consumers are less likely to use Amazon to discover new brands now than they were in 2018. A recent report [download page] from Tinuiti illustrates how consumers’ shopping habits have changed on the site when it comes to window shopping for new products or… READ MORE

This Is What Marketers Want From Customer Data Platforms

The use of a customer data platform (CDP) has become a staple for marketing teams wanting to achieve unified and data-driven customer management. According to recent research from Advertiser Perceptions, marketers are turning to CDPs for better customer… READ MORE

2019’s Most Loved B2C Brands Differ in Online and Offline Conversations

Nintendo Switch tops the list of most loved brands offline, while American Family is considered the most loved brand online. Here’s how other brands fared in an analysis [press release] of top brands by Engagement Labs. In its analysis of more than 600 US… READ MORE

B2B Buyers Rely on Vendor Websites for Content

B2B Buyers Rely on Vendor Websites for ContentMore than half of martech buyers say they’re more likely to purchase from a vendor after reading its content.April 8, 2020

With B2B buyers reading a reported 13 pieces of content before making a buying decision, it’s clear that content plays a vital role in the buyer’s journey. So, where are buyers finding the content they need? For most buyers of marketing technology, vendor… READ MORE

What Creative Goals are Digital Advertisers Setting This Year?

Effective creative can have an impact on business in the form of increased brand recognition and customer engagement. As such, a new study [download page] from Forrester Consulting and Celtra found that digital advertising decision-makers are making… READ MORE

Consumers Are in A Different Mood When Visiting YouTube Than Other Social Platforms

Presented with a short list of moods and asked to select their state of mind when visiting various websites and apps, around 6 in 10 (58%) consumers report feeling curious and in a mood to learn when using the open web, while more are happy and upbeat when… READ MORE

Businesses Most Likely to Use Text For Scheduling and Customer Support

A majority of businesses that use texting to engage with customers do so for scheduling purposes, with about half using the messaging tool for customer service and support. Companies’ preference for these and other use cases for texting generally aligns with… READ MORE

For Marketers Adopting Agile, What’s the Draw?

For Marketers Adopting Agile, What’s the Draw?Agile marketers believe they are able to get things released faster and be more productive.April 6, 2020

Two-fifths (42%) of marketers say that they are now using at least some aspects of an Agile marketing approach, up from 32% last year. At the same time, the number of marketers using traditional marketing has dropped from 50% to 41%. So, why are marketers… READ MORE

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