Your Personal Room Used with Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Teams

Your Webex Personal Room is always available, you don’t have to book it, and you always know where to find it.

Customize Your Cisco Webex Personal Room

Change the way your Personal Room looks. Update your photo and set a background image that best reflects your style.

Set Personal Room Preferences in Modern View in Cisco Webex Meetings

Learn about Personal Room Preferences like name, Host PIN, and lobby notifications.

Invite People to Your Cisco Webex Personal Room

When you invite people to your Personal Room, they can easily find your meetings since the link to your meeting location never changes.

Lock or Unlock Your Cisco Webex Personal Room

Lock your Personal Room to keep uninvited people from joining meetings.

Join a Cisco Webex Meeting

You can join a Cisco Webex meeting from an email invitation, Personal Room, mobile device, or many other ways.

Start a Webex Personal Room Meeting in Classic View

Start a Cisco Webex Personal Room Meeting in Modern View

You can also start the Personal Room meeting through any supported video systems, including TelePresence systems, or video applications.

Start a Webex Instant or Personal Room Meeting by Phone

Start your Personal Room meetings by phone without having to log in using the Cisco Webex Meetings application.

Start Cisco Webex Instant Meetings with Meet Now

You can start meetings instantly from your Meeting Center site or from Cisco Webex Productivity Tools by using the Meet Now command.

Add Alternate Hosts for Scheduled or Personal Room Meetings

An alternate host is someone who has permission to host your scheduled meetings or Personal Room meetings when you cannot host them yourself.

Leave Your Cisco Webex Personal Room

If you are the host and want to leave the room without ending the meeting, make another participant the host.